Climate change has led to long periods of drought and new challenges for the population. Ever since the Development Fund started working in Ethiopia, early in the 1980’s, we have focused on strengthening people’s food security and livelihood by increasing their capacity to manage natural resources and adapt their agricultural production to a changing climate.

Key Facts

- Capital: Addis Abeba
- Population: 107 million
- HDI: Malawi occupies the 170th place, with a score of 0.614 on the UN’s Gender Inequality Index (in comparison, Norway has a score of 0.053)*

*UNDP Human Development Report 2016

Food security and nutrition

In Ethiopia, the Development Fund works to strengthen food security and improve nutrition for poor families of farmers and pastoralists. Our projects comprise, inter alia, education in sustainable agricultural techniques, organizing school meals, improving animal health, and providing humanitarian help to drought-affected local communities. Click on this link to read more.

Climate and environment

Ethiopia is strongly affected by climate change. A more sustainable management of natural resources is crucial for the country’s ability to face the challenges of the future. Our projects address, among other themes, forest management to reduce deforestation, rebuilding of degraded lands, climate adaptation in agriculture, and preservation of and secure access to high-quality seed. Click on this link to read more.

Economics and access to markets

Agriculture is the most important source of income for poor families in the Ethiopian countryside. In order to secure incomes and alternative income sources in the future, it is necessary to achieve improved market access, increased participation in the value chain, and vocational training. The Development Fund’s projects include, inter alia, establishment of a farmer’s collective to enhance market access, savings and loan groups, vocational training, and improved conditions at schools to ensure that more pupils complete elementary school. Click on this link to read more.

Participation and equality

A strong and inclusive civil society is important for building democracy and achieving social development. In Ethiopia, the Development Fund seeks to strengthen civil society by establishing various kinds of grassroots organizations and taking measures to strengthen our local cooperation partners. We also strive to strengthen the rights and opportunities of women, young people and marginalized groups to participate in decision-making processes. Click on this link to read more.