Jan Thomas Odegard

Utviklingsfondet Executive Director

Phone: cell+47 41 49 40 44
Program department

Elin Cecilie Ranum

Utviklingsfondet Head of program department

Phone: cell+47 96 22 96 00

Rie Lukowski

Utviklingsfondet Director Malawi and Mosambique

Phone: cell+47 46 83 71 43

Alice M. Ennals

Utviklingsfondet Program Coordinator - Central America

Phone: cell+47 91 89 86 49


Siv Helén Strømland

Utviklingsfondet Program Coordinator - Nepal

Phone: cell+47 97 02 83 49

Sarah Dalle

Utviklingsfondet Advisor

Anette Kirkebø

Utviklingsfondet Advisor for Qualitative Results Documentation

Phone: cell+47 47 32 66 73

Selamawit Tekle

Utviklingsfondet Advisor

Phone: cell+47 45 52 12 44

Lene Bakker

Utviklingsfondet On leave
Fundraising and Communication

Siri O. Kvalø

Utviklingsfondet Acting head of fundraising and communications

Phone: cell+47 41 26 00 39

Sandra Marika Lejon

Utviklingsfondet Digital Marketing Advisor

Phone: cell+47 45 42 09 70

Anna Karlsson

Utviklingsfondet Information Consultant

Phone: cell+47 46 37 42 92

Cecilie Rikter-Svendsen

Utviklingsfondet Fundraising Advisor

Phone: cell+47 46 44 84 05

Hafsa Maqbul

Utviklingsfondet On leave
Finance and HR

Anne-Ma Brevig

Utviklingsfondet Head of Finance and HR

Phone: cell+47 41 52 36 54

Dorthe Holm

Utviklingsfondet International Controller

Gyda C. Prestvik

Utviklingsfondet Finance Advisor

Phone: cell+47 95 18 71 97

Nora Bremer Mejdal

Utviklingsfondet Finance and HR employee

Ethiopia Office

Hamelmal Getachew

Utviklingsfondet Country Program Coordinator

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Tesfaye Alemu

Utviklingsfondet Finance and Administration Manager

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Sisay Kassahun

Utviklingsfondet Programme Officer

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Ayda Yimer

Utviklingsfondet Program Coordinator / M&E expert

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Gelane Amenu Tiyiti

Utviklingsfondet Finance Officer

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Lidia Bekele

Utviklingsfondet Administration Assistant/Cashier

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Senait Enku

Utviklingsfondet Office Assistant/Cleaner

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Jankebed Melese

Utviklingsfondet Driver / Logistic officer

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Edris Mohammed

Utviklingsfondet Agriculture Advisor

Phone: work+251 914721333

Abdi Ali Farah

Utviklingsfondet Education and Livelihood expert (based in Erer, Somali Region)

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Alemayehu Sitotaw

Utviklingsfondet Vegetable Value Chain Advisor (based in Mersa, Amhara region)

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Muchie Tebeje

Utviklingsfondet Education and Job Creation Advisor (based in Ab'ala TVET college, Afar region)

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Serkalem Abuhay

Utviklingsfondet Finance Advisor

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Zemenay Manassie

Utviklingsfondet Finance Advisor (temporary)

Phone: work+251-116-477255

Diriba Insene

Utviklingsfondet MEAL Advisor (temporary)

Phone: work+251-116-477255
Malawi Office

Victor Katchika-Jere

Utviklingsfondet Country Representative

Phone: work+265 (0) 888 349 855

Mahara Nyirenda

Utviklingsfondet Agriculture Program Officer

Phone: work+265 (0) 1 753 642

Carolyne Kufankomwe

Utviklingsfondet Finance and Administration Manager

Phone: work+265 (0) 1 753 642

Michael Enok Mainje

Utviklingsfondet Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor

Phone: work+265 (0) 1 753 642

Chimwemwe Chiwaya

Utviklingsfondet Finance and Administration Assistant

Phone: work+265 999 247614
Somalia Office

Issmael Abdulahi Shebal

Utviklingsfondet Program Coordinator

Phone: work+252-634-481506

Maryam Mohamoud Ibrahim

Utviklingsfondet Finance and Administration Advisor

Phone: work+252-635-727247

Suad Abdirahman Wayrah

Utviklingsfondet Finance Assistant

Phone: work0252-634-441162

Mohamed Abdillahi Abdi

Utviklingsfondet Water Engineer

Phone: work+252-634-258884

Abdiaziz Ali Ahmen Darod

Utviklingsfondet MEAL & Documentation Advisor

Phone: work+252 634 423499
Spire, The Development Funds youth organization

Julie Rødje

Utviklingsfondet President

Phone: work+47 41 30 43 35


Mathias Berstad Malmgren

Utviklingsfondet Organizational Secretary