Our goal is to combat poverty. When poor families produce enough food they may also acquire enough of a surplus to live a good life. Additional income makes it possible to send children to school and obtain medical assistance in case of sickness. Help to self-help is sustainable and efficient poverty alleviation.

Never before has the link between food and environment been clearer. Climate change and over-exploitation of natural resources threatens food production. Conditions are worst in those parts of the world where the poorest live. The Development Fund helps farmers adapt to a changing climate, and teaches them how they can produce enough food without destroying nature.

The Development Fund is an independent Norwegian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), but has a number of partner organizations in various countries. The actual work for poor farmers is done by local organizations with long-standing experience and local knowledge. In this way, our work becomes not only better, but cheaper. The Development Fund constantly participates as a professional support player in the design and implementation of the projects.

Agriculture is key to ending poverty and hunger.